Strong, modern, safe and global

We are anticipating a digital financial era and overcoming the barriers of the current financial system

What is dobuy?

dobuy is a Digital Payment System from MGI that is accepted as a payment token in various sectors of the global economy through our specialized and simplified solutions.

With AI-supported software solutions, ‘dobuy’ is consolidated combination of a number of innovative fin-tech applications.

New Digital World for Everyone

MGI has partnered with leading financial, legal, IT, Fintech and Blockchain organizations to make dobuy a real time usable digital currency.

Created in the innovative form of utilizing the blockchain technology and the underlying philosophy of transactions from peer to peer, facilitating the financial movement in just one finger-tip fin-tech.

What problems dobuy solve?

dobuy solves the problems that conventional banking systems are currently unable to solve:

Maintaining an account with a traditional bank carries an annual fee, this money is usually reserved as maintenance expenses.
A digital currency wallet or a dobuy-based account relieves customers of any additional fees.

In developing countries, there is a general lack of financial infrastructure, such as ATMs and credit card facilities.

This lack of access to infrastructure leads to a society that only uses money and lacks innovative financial products.

Companies and individuals using the services of local banks are suffering from poor or even no access to international financial systems.

This means that they cannot easily be part of the global market or must pay considerable margins to banks and intermediaries all.

Customers who frequently do business on the Internet or conduct international transactions always pay extra money just for the money transfer and transaction.

That cost can be reduced substantially by Blockchain technology.



A strong digital platform with multiple functionalities in a single application.


Fast transaction confirmation, better speed, exceptional performance.


We partner with major global financial, auditing, legal, IT, Fintech and Blockchain institutions.


'dobuy' aims for a faster transaction rate without compromising the highest level of protection and security.

dobuy aims to make digital shopping possible for everyone

In one touch, a digital token, safe, easy to use and above all, accepted globally.

Accessibility to global financial systems, both in developing and developed countries

dobuy infrastructure offers faster settlement, reliable, low-cost transactions


dobuyCoin will be enrolled in internationally renowned digital currency exchanges, to be easily convertible to different digital currencies.

Payment and point of sale (POS) systems

Retailers and merchants can use the dobuyPay mobile wallet application as a Point Of Sale device and offer (international) means of payment to customers.

Money transfers

dobuycash is the unencrypted digital wallet for faster and more reliable digital payments.

Investment products using blockchain technology

Blockchain is a widely used and transformative technology among many different segments. One of the ways to invest in this technology is to buy shares of large companies, enabling financial benefits to the results achieved.

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