'dobuy' aims to make digital buying possible for everybody.

dobuy is a consolidation of various innovative decentralized fin-tech applications. dobuy is a Digital Platform that can be used in various sectors of the economy through our specialized simplified digital solutions.

dobuy is a brand of MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL widely known as MGI, an internationally reputed business group with registered offices, manufacturing units, trading units and associate partners in different parts of the world including Middle East, Europe, India, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, UK, USA, Mauritius, Madagascar and other parts of Africa. MGI has associated with leading global Financial, Legal, IT, Fintech and Blockchain organizations to make dobuy a real-time usable Digital Platform created innovatively to utilize blockchain technology and the underlying philosophy of peer to peer transaction to facilitate financial transactions within and between nations. With AI-supported software and banking solutions dobuy solves the problems that conventional payment systems are currently unable to solve.


MGI have diversified business operations and interests like equity funding, sovereign guarantee based infra- structure capital funding, real estates, constructions, electronics & electrical products manufacturing, international commodities trade, gold & diamonds mining & trading, farming & plantations, food supplies trading, social welfare etc., with offices, manufacturing units and associate partners in different countries.

dobuy Eco system

dobuy Community - Users, Financial Institutions and Enterprises (SME’s) that use dobuy
Maria Group International - The company providing a solid backing for the dobuy Infrastructure
MGI Initiative - The international non-profit initiative behind dobuyLedger

MGI is the company behind the initial platforms on top of dobuyLedger, the first being the DobuyLocal exchange. DobuyChain offers documentation about the standard API for FI’s to use the platforms. dobuyChain will not launch local exchanges independently, but only in conjunction with local FI’s as the partnered FI’s are more acquainted with the local culture, rules and regulations. dobuyChain uses the dobuyAPI to connect the developed platforms with dobuyLedger and use the functionality. dobuyChain sets the fee and revenue structures for clients to use the platforms. For example, a license model for partnered FI’s to use the exchange functionality of a dobuyExchange.

dobuyChain may also offer transaction-based revenue models around the dobuyAPI or charge FI’s onboarding fees to connect with Platforms, dobuyLedger or other parts of the dobuy software stack.

dobuy Foundation

Having created partnerships with reputable firms who have been at the center of the world's financial markets for many years, we can rely on an unrivalled global network of trusted professionals and decision makers. This means that we have in-depth market intelligence, bringing us closer to current issues than any other global financial institution.

By creating a strong track record of outstanding execution in three business lines: Global Advisory, Wealth and Asset Management, and Merger & Acquisitions. dobuyFoundation provides the software needed for the initial token offering and the development and migration to the coin phase of the project. Dobuy Initiative remains responsible for furthering the development and distribution of the protocol software and will maintain documentation on dobuyLedger and dobuyAPI.


Market participants can onboard themselves or clients of the dobuyLedger using the dobuyAPI. Market participants can onboard self-developed use cases on platforms platform specific API’s, branded by partnered FI’s.

Shop owner

Shop owners, for example, a restaurant owner or owner of a souvenir shop, can use the free dobuyPay mobile wallet application as a Point Of Sale (POS) device and offer (international) clients and citizens a means of payment using dobuy and other digital currencies. Additional use cases that can monetize the exchange platform are solutions for administration, bookkeepingor, for example, dobuy Automatic Teller Machines (Dobuy ATM’s).


People, for example, a local client, tourist or any customer, can pay for goods and services using any mobile wallet app that supports one of the most used digital currencies worldwide. The customer can pay using these digital currencies (for example bitcoins) to the seller. The seller uses dobuyPay wallet to offer the payment information for the transaction. The dobuy infrastructure automatically exchanges the payment (in bitcoins) on the fly to dobuy so the shop-owner receives dobuy while the tourist can pay in his/her favourite digital currency.

Future projects can focus on specific platforms for different target client groups, for example, jobs markets, remittances, tourism, loyalty schemes, forex, trade finance or transportation.

Use Cases

Real Estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world - US$ 220 trillion in value (gold by comparison is only US$ 6 trillion).

Real estate is not just a fundamental segment, but an essential part of any economy’s progress. For us, real estate is not simply an area of expertise; it is a matter of conviction. Rather than concentrating solely on the return on investments, dobuy will be used extensively in this sector as we consider it our obligation to sustenance social and ecological transformations through a solid active presence on the ground. By incorporating Dobuy into this economically buoyant sector, easy transactions can be conducted efficiently.

Inbound Remitances

One of the major contributions to the economy of developing countries is the money transferred by migrants and expats in small and medium quantities. These financial transactions are called remittance. WASHINGTON, April 8, 2019 — Remittances to low- and middle-income countries reached a record high in 2018, according to the World Bank’s latest Migration and Development Brief.

The Bank estimates that officially recorded annual remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries reached $529 billion in 2018, an increase of 9.6 percent over the previous record high of $483 billion in 2017. Global remittances, which include flows to high-income countries, reached $689 billion in 2018, up from $633 billion in 2017.

In 2019, remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries are expected to reach $550 billion, to become their largest source of external financing.

However, the current frameworks that execute these international remittances are terribly inefficient and costly. There are some blockchain based solutions for assisting the international remittance industry but most of them use the bitcoin as the form of payment. Bitcoin was appropriate for this application but considering the fluctuations in the price, increased transaction fee and also the considerable time required for validation it loses its effectiveness as a cryptocurrency day by day.

Utilizing dobuy as a more solvable and stable digital currency with low transaction fees and quicker processing time improves the efficiency and the overall payment experience.

Tourism Industry

The tourism industry, especially in developing countries with their magnificent attractions and great potential, is suffering from poor financial systems. Most of the hotels and accommodation are not listed on international websites such as booking.com and Airbnb but on the local websites who only accept the local currencies. Foreign Debit and Credit Cards are worthless in some of these countries necessitating one to take all money required in ready cash. Even if all the conditions are met the inefficiencies of the local banking system are such that the user shall lose value on the exchange rate. dobuy can be used to facilitate all these arrangements. The reason why dobuy will be successful in penetrating this market is the local exchanges. The local service providers are not able to use the current digital currencies or foreign Fiat for financing their daily operation. For example, a hotel owner in Tajikistan is less likely accepts bitcoin from clients, since his own staff and suppliers do not accept Bitcoin. This could be due to thelack of infrastructure in the country and/or a lack of trust concerning the coin implementation itself. With dobuy the hotel owner can effortlessly accept any given digital currency as payment. This shall be seamlessly transferred to the platform and processed accordingly. Furthermore, the owner can go to the local exchange or to one of the dobuy tellers in the region and for a very low-cost, exchange it to local currency. This gives dobuy a tangible value.

Cross-Border B2b Payments

Many small businesses in developing countries especially, despite their competitive advantage in many fields, have limited access to the global marketplace. Blockchain technology can help them to gain their market share. The payments they might need to make or receive are small, yet it is hard to find a practical approach to send cash quickly and for a small fee. Dobuy empowers SME’s to engage with international markets. Using dobuy, SME’s can sell their products to people around the globe and purchase raw materials or machinery from other countries. They can also take their Dobuy to the local exchange or to Dobuy teller and change it easily to local Fiat currency and use it for their daily spending.

Micro/Nano Payments

Micropayments are essential in order to conduct businesses and keep money flowing. However, transaction costs should be in relation to the amount paid and currently, that does not seem to be the case. Even current digital currencies such as Bitcoin are unable to help in this arena due to the costs, time and energy associated with a transaction as the price of blockspace increases. dobuy ensures that transaction costs and time remain low enabling micropayments to take place and business to flourish.

Donation and Charities/NGO

It is important not to neglect the golden rule of humanity which is social responsibility and this is one of the main factors considered in each phase of developing dobuy. Our focus is empowering the people to become more financially competent citizens by offering them access to the global marketplace with dobuy. Economic growth due to an increase in the tourism industry, receiving more net remittances and increasing the GDP due to the better performing of SMEs leads to a reduction in poverty. Rising living standards shall improve the quality of life of people living in developing countries but it may take some time before the positive outcomes become visible. A certain percentage of all Token (coins) are dedicated to charities in the countries with local exchanges. dobuy believes that the dobuy Community supports this decision.

In future, these charities can use our platform to raise money and dobuy does its utmost best to facilitate this process and reduce their costs. dobuy can correspondingly be used to send financial aid in a transparent and secure way to the different NGO/Charities.

Mission and Vision

MGI aims at connecting and empowering the global community through dobuy. It is our mission to change all the existing theories of traditional payment systems to the touch of a finger-tip with a secure, safe, user-friendly and above all globally acceptable digital currency. We are out to increase the accessibility of global financial systems in both developing and developed countries. In these regions, dobuy will contribute to the sustainable growth of tourism industry, remittances, micropayments, and international trade of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s).

dobuy translates major digital currencies to each other for a very small fee utilizing exchanges to the local currency enabling the people to trade their digital currencies peer to peer. This innovative blockchain based infrastructure solution enables people in developing countries to be part of the global economy leveraging digital currencies. This revolutionizes financial services in many industries, such as:

  • • The payments industries, with remittances and Micro- and even Nano payments
  • • SMEs, creating support and empowerment to enter global markets
  • • The tourist sector in both the developing and developed countries
  • • The commercial, real estates and economically buoyant sectors

dobuy produces several products that are comparable to products of the traditional financial system such as money transfers, forex exchange, payment and point of sale (POS) systems and investment products utilizing blockchain technology. Products based on the Dobuy infrastructure offers faster settlement times, reliable and low-cost transactions. Dobuy creates a superior competitive advantage and above average return for our community.