‘dobuy’ Adds LOCAMO, German based e-Commerce to the DOBUY DIGITAL PLATFORM

‘dobuy’ ADDS LOCAMO, GERMAN BASED E-COMMERCE TO THE DOBUY DIGITAL PLATFORM The shift in consumer shopping behavior from bricks-and-mortar stores to the online shopping threatens urban and rural retailers, which results in store closures, increased unemployment, loss of tax income for cities, and overall a reduced appeal for downtown areas to attract crowds of people.

Locamo has developed an innovative and sustainable e-commerce marketplace model to connect regional markets with national markets. Now with the inclusion of Locamo in dobuy digital platform it enables retailers from Germany to sell their goods to international customers worldwide through dobuy digital payment settlements for goods and services.

Mr. Kai Uwe Kapler CEO of Locamo said “Locamo provides local market solutions to help cities and communities in connecting their residents with local providers: shops, restaurants, services, craftsmen, etc. Now it can provide these services to a much wider international audience as well by listing Locamo in the dobuy Platform enforcing global links for commerce and trade in a globalized economy.”

In addition, all retailers, products and services are also listed on a national e-commerce platform: Locamo.de. This unique combination allows local retailers to compensate losses of revenue with additional online shoppers, strengthening the local retail infrastructure.”

Mr. Markus Kapler the CMO of Locamo said “Locamo works strategically very closely with the renowned Institute of Retail Research IFH Cologne, Germany and the Trade Association Baden-Württemberg, among others, to take into account scientific findings from studies and surveys.”

Mr. Thanveer Ummer, Global CEO of MGI commented “Maria Group International (MGI), the business conglomerate behind dobuy has investment interests within Manufacturing, trading, import-export, IT, block-chain technology, E-Commerce, renewable energy, and many other sectors worldwide. Our tagline is ‘Bridging walls with innovation’. Locamo has great reputation in Germany and we are more than happy to welcome Locamo on our digital platform. Locamo presented their project to the CIO of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Ministerial Director Stefan Krebs, at the Ministry of Interior, Digitalization and Migration at Stuttgart, Germany in my presence.”

Mr. Hakan Balci, CEO for MGI Blockchain Technology, Switzerland said “The Locamo GmbH & Co. KG was founded in January 2015 by Kai Uwe Kapler (CEO) and Markus Michael Kapler (CMO) and is one among the fastest growing E-Commerce companies today. Considering the world’s greatest show Dubai Expo2020 happening this year we look forward for great achievements in the global platform.”

MGI Blockhain Technology, Dubai and MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Locamo GmbH & Co., Germany at Zug, Switzerland, to work together globally for business expansion and business development.

More information about the dobuy digital platform, MARIA GROUP INTERNATOINAL and its partner companies and LOCAMO can be found at www.mariaintl.com and www.thedobuy.com

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