‘dobuy’ Extends its network and project scope to include Bio-Medical science by partnering with CELLSERVE GmbH, Germany

‘Using dobuy’s innovative digital platform, CELLSERVE can now connect with the 200+ partners throughout our global network.

MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, the business conglomerate behind dobuy has investment interests within life sciences, blockchain technology, renewable energy and many other sectors worldwide.

In just under a year dobuy has built some amazing partnerships with some of the most influential figures in modern science, politics, and business.

This latest partnership shows a true commitment to the development of new and revolutionary technologies, that will aid and improve the current medical and living conditions for all members of society.

MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland and MGI Blockchain Technology, Dubai, UAE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CELLSERVE in Zug, Switzerland, to collaborate for business expansion and business development worldwide by usage of dobuy platform and dobuy digital payment systems for CELLSERVE.

Worldwide, approximately 22 million people suffer from chronic heart failure and cause annual treatment costs of € 80 billion and the market is growing at around 15-20% p.a. In Europe, heart failure is one of the most frequent internal diseases, with an estimated 10 million sufferers. Another 10 million people already have heart failure without symptoms.

According to the current state of medicine, heart failure is not yet curable. The treatment of chronic heart failure is to delay the progression of the disease as long as possible and to alleviate the accompanying symptoms. In Germany, about 47,000 people die each year from severe heart failure. This is a huge impact problem that is growing in complexity every day.

CELLSERVE aims to mitigate these risk factors and tackle the increasing complexity of the problem with solutions that strike at the very core of the issue with revolutionary new treatments and research fields that are non-stem-cell dependent. The goal of our tissue specific heart cell-therapy is not only a halt of disease progression, but also a regeneration. For the first time a curative treatment or regeneration of the diseased heart tissue and an extension of the lifetime appears possible.

It is true, that ethical and safety implications of stem cell research have been a real issue for the progress made in developing new treatments and new understandings of the cellular development and regeneration. But with this exciting new format offered by CELLSERVE there are no ethical implications to conduct the required research necessary to be able to grow or print patient- and organ-specific cells and tissues ready for transplant grown from their very own body cells.

Mr. Rainer Seubert, CEO of CELLSERVE said “Over the next 15 years, we aim to achieve astounding progress for patients. We aim to reduce the access cost to services for people with chronic heart disease and also increase the safety and efficacy of the treatment they receive. Our own work combined with the achievements of the wider research community will enable a future where organ donor waiting lists are pushed into obsolescence by new and emerging technologies such as Specialized Organ-Specific 3D Tissue Printing, we will support diagnosis of chronic heart disease and its symptoms much faster with new imaging technologies and will be capable of achieving advanced curative treatments with more time and research”.

Mr. Thanveer Ummer, CEO of MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL said “We believe that high-quality medical care should not be an issue of status or cost but be open to all. MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL and its stakeholders hope that our partnership alongside CELLSERVE will improve and lower the cost of treatment, improve the efficacy of treatments for chronic and degenerative heart disease and increase the potential viability of treatments for all members of the public currently suffering or affected by this issue”.

Mr. Hakan Balci, CEO of MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland said “This project has clear patent protection in Europe and received the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE Certificate by the European Commission from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program making this a government-backed initiative and project”.

More information about the dobuy digital platform, MARIA GROUP INTERNATOINAL and its partner companies and CELLSERVE can be found at www.mariaintl.com and www.thedobuy.com

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