UAE Branch of MGI Blockchain Technology witnessed the virtual launch of innovative educational learning platform ‘dobuy Academy’.

Dubai: dobuy, a subsidiary of Maria Group International witnessed and paced into the virtual unveiling of educational learning platform ‘dobuy Academy’. Officially launched on Thursday, 23-April-2020, inaugurated by HE Sheikh Ahmed Al Ghareeb, MGI Chairman for Middle East along with Mr. Thanveer Ummer, CEO of MGI and Team Members of MGI participated from different parts of the globe, all online, working from home due to lockdown. Everyone in the team was happy to achieve the launch in a record time.

The mission of ‘dobuy Academy’ is to deliver basic fundamental knowledge of blockchain including Future Technologies like Crypto Currencies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing & many more online and offline Courses and Certification Programs. Reputed faculty members & well-defined course materials will be an added asset of ‘dobuy Academy’ to support our students and grow in the changing world. bibee, our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning backed Virtual Faculty Member will also assist our students to explain course materials, conducting examinations, and much more. Hence bibee will be the 1st virtual assistant who supports the education sector.

“dobuy Academy will ensure every common man to get basic fundamental education of Future Technologies which will be accessible online from any part of the world, at a reasonable cost” Mr. Thanveer added.

Blockchain technology is currently creating an exuberance in diversified industries including banks, public and private enterprises. Most of the tech giants are already adapted to decentralized business model & blockchain technology to boost their businesses.

UAE branch of Maria Group International, dobuy ushering in the New Age of Artificial Intelligence business

Dubai: Maria Group International’s Digital Marketing brand ‘Yospace’ launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) based Business Bot named ‘bibee’ on Saturday, 29th February UAE Innovation Month 2020.

HE Sheikh Ahmed Al Ghareeb, MGI Chairman for Middle East unveil the official launch in presence of Dr. Eng. Mohammed Al Ali, Mr. Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Mr. Karthik Krishnan, Mrs. Dipali Patil, Mr. Jean Francois Desjacques and many more honourable guests and team members of MGI.

Crafted with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, bibee represents the influence of AI, ML, and IOT in business today. ‘bibee’ is Multilingual and easy to use and customizable Chabot. She can be customized to use in all most all industries from Education, Health Care, Market Research, Events, Automotive to Travel & Tourism and more…

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UAE branch of Maria Group International acquires one of the oldest telecom companies in the region

Dubai: UAE based subsidiary of Maria Group International (MGI Blockchain Technology LLC) has acquired one of the oldest telecom companies in the region- CITI Telecommunications LLC, for an undisclosed amount. The deal included the transfer of all staff and marketing activities to MGI, with the purchase set to strengthen the businesses’ IT and communications arm.

MGI Global CEO Mr. Thanveer Ummer said that the acquisition was in line with the multinational company’s long term strategy and that the company’s digital marketing brand ‘yospace’ is already proving to be a valuable asset to the conglomerate.

Mr. Dilip Paliyath, head of the company and now Global CTO for MGI said “We have always kept pace with the rapid advancement in technology and how people communicate with one another. By being a part of MGI, we will be able to increase our reach and growth. We are glad to be part of the group and look forward to continuing to launch innovative and cutting edge products.”

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dobuy (DBY) is listed on hr You can trade with BTC, ETH, USDT, USD, EUR and TRY pairs. Happy trading!

Dubai: MGI (Maria Group International) Teammates across different offices in the UAE gathered together at the new MGI Blockchain Technology LLC Office in Dubai for 2020 New Year celebrations in the presence of MGI Chairman for Middle East HE Sheikh Ahmed Al Ghareeb and Global CEO Mr. Thanveer Ummer. Renowned Banking & Financial Advisor Mrs. Dipali Patil, Managing Director of Ardan Banking & Finance Consultants, who is also the financial advisor for MGI in Middle East was invited as the Guest of Honor to delight the occasion. MGI Singapore CEO Mr. Ramesh T. also attended the celebration.

MGI Global CEO Mr. Thanveer Ummer on behalf of the MGI Group Chairman announced an investment plan of 500 million dollars for the year 2020. He also said that MGI’s investment emphasize for 2020 will be mainly in the areas related to technology and the world’s greatest show Expo2020 Dubai.

‘dobuy’ ADDS LOCAMO, GERMAN BASED E-COMMERCE TO THE DOBUY DIGITAL PLATFORM The shift in consumer shopping behavior from bricks-and-mortar stores to the online shopping threatens urban and rural retailers, which results in store closures, increased unemployment, loss of tax income for cities, and overall a reduced appeal for downtown areas to attract crowds of people.

Locamo has developed an innovative and sustainable e-commerce marketplace model to connect regional markets with national markets. Now with the inclusion of Locamo in dobuy digital platform it enables retailers from Germany to sell their goods to international customers worldwide through dobuy digital payment settlements for goods and services.

Mr. Kai Uwe Kapler CEO of Locamo said “Locamo provides local market solutions to help cities and communities in connecting their residents with local providers: shops, restaurants, services, craftsmen, etc. Now it can provide these services to a much wider international audience as well by listing Locamo in the dobuy Platform enforcing global links for commerce and trade in a globalized economy.”

In addition, all retailers, products and services are also listed on a national e-commerce platform: This unique combination allows local retailers to compensate losses of revenue with additional online shoppers, strengthening the local retail infrastructure.”

Mr. Markus Kapler the CMO of Locamo said “Locamo works strategically very closely with the renowned Institute of Retail Research IFH Cologne, Germany and the Trade Association Baden-Württemberg, among others, to take into account scientific findings from studies and surveys.”

Mr. Thanveer Ummer, Global CEO of MGI commented “Maria Group International (MGI), the business conglomerate behind dobuy has investment interests within Manufacturing, trading, import-export, IT, block-chain technology, E-Commerce, renewable energy, and many other sectors worldwide. Our tagline is ‘Bridging walls with innovation’. Locamo has great reputation in Germany and we are more than happy to welcome Locamo on our digital platform. Locamo presented their project to the CIO of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Ministerial Director Stefan Krebs, at the Ministry of Interior, Digitalization and Migration at Stuttgart, Germany in my presence.”

Mr. Hakan Balci, CEO for MGI Blockchain Technology, Switzerland said “The Locamo GmbH & Co. KG was founded in January 2015 by Kai Uwe Kapler (CEO) and Markus Michael Kapler (CMO) and is one among the fastest growing E-Commerce companies today. Considering the world’s greatest show Dubai Expo2020 happening this year we look forward for great achievements in the global platform.”

MGI Blockhain Technology, Dubai and MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Locamo GmbH & Co., Germany at Zug, Switzerland, to work together globally for business expansion and business development.

More information about the dobuy digital platform, MARIA GROUP INTERNATOINAL and its partner companies and LOCAMO can be found at and

‘Using dobuy’s innovative digital platform, CELLSERVE can now connect with the 200+ partners throughout our global network.

MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, the business conglomerate behind dobuy has investment interests within life sciences, blockchain technology, renewable energy and many other sectors worldwide.

In just under a year dobuy has built some amazing partnerships with some of the most influential figures in modern science, politics, and business.

This latest partnership shows a true commitment to the development of new and revolutionary technologies, that will aid and improve the current medical and living conditions for all members of society.

MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland and MGI Blockchain Technology, Dubai, UAE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CELLSERVE in Zug, Switzerland, to collaborate for business expansion and business development worldwide by usage of dobuy platform and dobuy digital payment systems for CELLSERVE.

Worldwide, approximately 22 million people suffer from chronic heart failure and cause annual treatment costs of € 80 billion and the market is growing at around 15-20% p.a. In Europe, heart failure is one of the most frequent internal diseases, with an estimated 10 million sufferers. Another 10 million people already have heart failure without symptoms.

According to the current state of medicine, heart failure is not yet curable. The treatment of chronic heart failure is to delay the progression of the disease as long as possible and to alleviate the accompanying symptoms. In Germany, about 47,000 people die each year from severe heart failure. This is a huge impact problem that is growing in complexity every day.

CELLSERVE aims to mitigate these risk factors and tackle the increasing complexity of the problem with solutions that strike at the very core of the issue with revolutionary new treatments and research fields that are non-stem-cell dependent. The goal of our tissue specific heart cell-therapy is not only a halt of disease progression, but also a regeneration. For the first time a curative treatment or regeneration of the diseased heart tissue and an extension of the lifetime appears possible.

It is true, that ethical and safety implications of stem cell research have been a real issue for the progress made in developing new treatments and new understandings of the cellular development and regeneration. But with this exciting new format offered by CELLSERVE there are no ethical implications to conduct the required research necessary to be able to grow or print patient- and organ-specific cells and tissues ready for transplant grown from their very own body cells.

Mr. Rainer Seubert, CEO of CELLSERVE said “Over the next 15 years, we aim to achieve astounding progress for patients. We aim to reduce the access cost to services for people with chronic heart disease and also increase the safety and efficacy of the treatment they receive. Our own work combined with the achievements of the wider research community will enable a future where organ donor waiting lists are pushed into obsolescence by new and emerging technologies such as Specialized Organ-Specific 3D Tissue Printing, we will support diagnosis of chronic heart disease and its symptoms much faster with new imaging technologies and will be capable of achieving advanced curative treatments with more time and research”.

Mr. Thanveer Ummer, CEO of MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL said “We believe that high-quality medical care should not be an issue of status or cost but be open to all. MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL and its stakeholders hope that our partnership alongside CELLSERVE will improve and lower the cost of treatment, improve the efficacy of treatments for chronic and degenerative heart disease and increase the potential viability of treatments for all members of the public currently suffering or affected by this issue”.

Mr. Hakan Balci, CEO of MGI Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland said “This project has clear patent protection in Europe and received the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE Certificate by the European Commission from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program making this a government-backed initiative and project”.

More information about the dobuy digital platform, MARIA GROUP INTERNATOINAL and its partner companies and CELLSERVE can be found at and

MGI Country Manager & CEO for Turkey, Mr. Aykut Cangül signed IEO and Exchange Listing Agreement for MGI’s dobuy tokens yesterday, 20-January-2020 with the COO of Sistemkoin, Mr. Volkan Catal at the Sistemkoin Headquarters in Izmir Turkey. Sistemkoin is one of the leading Exchanges in Eurasia with a daily sales turnover of 700 million plus USA Dollars. IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) for dobuy in Sistemkoin started on 20-January-2020 and Sistemkoin announced the Exchange Listing (Public) for dobuy to be on 01-February-2020. Mr. Aykut Cangül the Country Manager and CEO for MGI Turkey said, "dobuy is a much awaited token across Europe and Asia because of the reputation of MGI and also as it is focusing on real time usability, and to add on to it there was no private sales or pre-sales done so far. The listing price announced by Sistemkoin for dobuy is 0.50 USA Dollars per dobuy token."

Mr. Volkan Catal COO of Sistemkoin said, "We are more than happy to associate with MGI and listing dobuy in our Exchange. Our Exchange focuses on user experience by means of additional security measures, a streamlined interface, instant transfers, and provides 24/7 support across several languages. We comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws and regulations."