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HE Ummer Haji

Group Chairman

Thanveer Ummer

Global CEO

Sheikh Ahmed Al Ghareeb

Chairman - Middle East

Firoz Ahamad

Global COO

Rishi Kant

Global CSO

Dilip Paliyath

Global CTO

Antonio Cecere

Member of Board of Directors

Hakan Balci

CEO Europe


CEO - Asia Pacific

Ayküt Cangul

CEO Turkey

Rainer Seubert

CFO Europe

Wolfgang O.Hammer

CDO Europe

Aybars Yilmaz

CTO Europe

Zahir Mahamood

Director Business Development

Anastasia Korkushko

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Sajith Aravind

Creative Director

Mark Morgan

IT Manager

Faseeh Mohamed

Executive Manager
Business Development

Sameera Safvi

Manager - Real Estate Acquisitions

Mansoor Babu

Senior Digital Visualizer

Dipali Patil

Senior Banking
& Financial Advisor

Khalil Ashif Kassam

Senior Strategic Advisor - UK

Dmytrii Shypilov

Senior Business Analyst

Afonso Coivo Júnior

Chairman Latin America

Glauco Garib

CEO Latin America

João Kennedy

CPO Latin America

Ediraldo Querino

COO Latin America

Pedro Más

CTO Latin America

Lecy Júnior

CFO Latin America

Johnny Corandin

CCO Latin America

Daniel Borba

CMO Latin America

Mateus Simão

Executive Manager Business Latin America

Sérgio Caldeef

CBO Latin America

Maíra Barboza

CLO Latin America

H.E. Musa Jallow

His Excellency Musa Jallow is the Former Interim President of Gambia.

Prof. Dr. Wulf A. Kaal

Prof. Dr. Kaal brings a decade long experience in the fields of law, business and has risen to become an expert and consultant favored by international policymakers, governments, medium to large enterprises, law firms, startups, and venture capital funds on emerging technology solution.

Dr. Mark Baker

Post Doctoral, Cambridge University—Fellowship
Post Doctoral, GlasgowUniversity—Associate
Post Doctoral, Oxford University — Fellowship
Doctorate, Oxford University — D.Phil 
Degree, King’s College, London — Double M.Sc
Degree, Imperial College, London — B.Sc

Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali

Dr. Eng. Mohamed has been at the forefront of several Smart Cities Projects and is highly respected as a Dubai Government employee.

Dr. V.J. Victor

Dr. V.J.Victor M.Sc., Ph.D., F.I.A.W.S., M.B.N.H. S., M.B.S.I., Dip. In Russ., Dip. In Ger. He had a brilliant academic career in reputed schools, colleges and Universities in India and abroad.

Dr. Arzu Javadova

Dr. Javadova brings over 30 years of professional and management experience in international oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Kai Uwe Kapler

Mr. Kai Uwe Kapler has more than two decades of professional and leadership experience in the automotive and retail industries.

H.E. Angelo Valerio

His Excellency Angelo Valerio is the Former Honorary Consul of Mauritius to Italy.

Kevin Sarfo

A former Avionics Engineer with the Canadian- Air force division, Mr. Kevin Sarfo is Canadian businessman with investments in US, Canada and West Africa.

James Angelo

A visionary, Mr. James is the Chief Vision Officer and Managing Partner of EQORIA- a global web of scientists and other highly qualified experts in their fields.

Markus Kapler

Mr. Markus Kapler draws out of more than two decades of professional experience and leadership in different industries.

Saeed Ibrahim Al Jasmi

Senior of the Police Department, Ministry of Interior, Government of Dubai.

Abdul Razak Yeboah

Mr. Abdul Razak Yeboah is a Ghanaian businessman and the Founder-Chairman of AAQIL Gold Limited, a Gold & Precious Minerals Mining Company based in Ghana. He is also a leading distributor for imported used automobiles from Canada in West Africa.

Liliana Henao

Her 15-year long experience as director of business development and financial strategies started in the USA, as a senior loan officer.

Thabit Juma Al Saadi

Mr. Thabit Juma Al Saadi is holds a reputed position at the Immigration Department, Ministry of Interior, Government of Dubai, UAE.

Trishan Ramchurn

A Mauritian National Mr. Trishan Ramchurn is a Business & IT Professional with more than 13 years of consulting experience in the financial service industry.

Jeremiah Oluwaseun Adeniran

A double degree holder, Mr. Adeniran is a member of both, the Chartered Institute of Commerce and the Chartered Institute of Auctioneers in Nigeria for his experience in the industry over the past 20 years.

Shiv Iyer

Bringing over two decades of experience to the table, Shiv Iyer is a renowned technology consulting & start-up business leader specialising in Enterprise Software.

Bernadeth Niroshinie

President - Unique International Trade Link Incorporation - Canada
Director - Total Innovations Canada
Member of Canada Sri Lanka Business Council - Canada

Olutayo Ajayi Gabriels

The Founder of the RHACIP Africa initiative (Rural health care and child protection initiative), a non-governmental organization that aims at supporting and creating health awareness at the core rural communities.

Anwar Abdul Rahman

Mr. Anwar Abdul Rahman is a well-known figure in the legal consultancy spectrum of Dubai.

Tobias Graf

Tobias brings over 12 years of CEO experience successfully leading a number of companies within the financial and technical services sector.

Benito Elisa

Benito is a seasoned professional, with a long-standing record spanning over several years in the banking and financial services sectors.