Who we are

MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, widely known as MGI, originated as a small family business in Saudi Arabia during the early 1980s and has expanded worldwide. Our name pays tribute to our great grandmother, Her Excellency Maria Hajjumma, whose loving memories stay with us forever and inspires us to perform better in life. May your soul rest in peace forever. For the blessings of Almighty God, now the MGI is an internationally renowned business group with registered offices, manufacturing units, business units, and associated partners in different parts of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, India, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Mauritius, Madagascar and other parts of Africa. We have diversified business operations and interests such as equity financing, capital financing based on sovereign guarantee infrastructure, real estate, buildings, electronic and electrical products manufacturing, international commodity trade, mining and gold and diamonds trading, agriculture and plantations, trade-in food supplies, social welfare, etc., with offices, factories and associated partners in different countries.

We use our knowledge and expertise of local and global trends, cultural intelligence, customer demands, and maximum use of available resources to improve international customers’ experience. MGI as a group continually promotes research and development in central areas to be ahead of the curve.

MGI has undertaken and supported many philanthropic initiatives around the world. The “MGI Global Green Energy Irrigation Campaign” is a recent program launched as a global initiative against global warming under the sponsorship of the BURGSCHILD Germany Group with highly respected members of the Committee from different countries.


Maria Group International has successfully operated businesses on various verticals. Our company is not limited to a few industries. Instead, it covers diversified verticals. Our cutting-edge strategy and unique modus operandi are the critical factors for our success. We are specialists in Manufacturing, Trading, Blockchain, Investment, Capital Infrastructure Support, Mining, and Advisory & Consulting. We guarantee high ethical values and maximum professionalism in all the businesses we operate. MGI follows the quote ‘The Early Bird captures the worm,’ and we adapt to Blockchain Technology.


Maria Group International is a highly competitive and talented workforce dedicated to maintain company standards commitment to ethics and efficiency. Our team of strategic consultants and mentors are highly experienced and qualified. We take care of all the prerequisites and measures to ensure suitable business. MGI demonstrates true professionalism and efficient operation management, which allows us to perform continuously to the best of our abilities.

Our Advisors

MGI is here to take care of all the prerequisites and measures to ensure the smooth running of the business. Our team of strategic consultants and mentors is highly experienced and talented with expertise in consulting in investment, equity and equity funds. Our team of professionals can guide you through any restriction related to funds and assets.


Our Mission

MGI aims at connecting and empowering the global community through dobuy. It is our mission to change all the existing theories of traditional payment systems to the touch of a finger-tip with a secure, safe, user-friendly and above all globally acceptable digital token.

Our Vision

We are out to increase the accessibility of global financial systems in both developing and developed countries. In these regions, dobuy will contribute to the sustainable growth of tourism industry, remittances, micropayments, and international trade of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s).